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Q: You do both filming and photographing ?

A: Yes, we do both.


Q: How long is the waiting time for a movie / photos?

A: It is always max 30 days from the day of the ceremony. Usually, we manage to submit the first version of the film for review in 14 days time.


Q: How much do you take the down payment?

A: 50% of the total order value.


Q: When do we pay the down payment?

A: You pay the down payment after signing the relevant contract.


Q: When do we pay the rest?

A: You pay the rest after receiving the finished movie / photos.


Q: On which account do we make a deposit?

A: The down payment must be paid to the given account number: PL40105017641000009708872701 

The name of the transfer should include the name and the date of the ceremony.


Q: Do we need to provide your employees with catering at a wedding?

A: Yes, definitely.


Q: In what situation do we have to provide your employees with accommodation?

A:If we have to send our employee from another city, or straight from Poland.


Q: Do we have to pay transportation fee for your employee?

A: No, transport is free.


Q: How long is the date booked without a signed contract?

A: The deadline is booked for 48h. After this time, the deadline slows down. An exception is when we have an appointment for a period of time longer than 48 hours.


Q: How far should we book you in advance?

A: Preferably 2 years in advance. Sometimes we have free dates in the current year, but then it is rather a game in the proverbial “roulette”.


Q: If we send you a sample film, shoot it and put it in the same way?

A: We will certainly suggest it, but we have a style that we do not really change.


Q:Is it possible to receive a DVD movie from you?

A: Definitely not. We believe that the DVD has a low lifespan and is already a relic. Both the photos and the movie you get from us on the pendrive.